As a foundation shrub or a specimen plant, camellias offer striking green foliage and brightly-colored blooms that make them one of the mainstays of the year-round garden.  
They prefer well-drained soil that is high in humus content and slightly acid. In preparing the soil for planting in the ground, mix equal portions of sandy loam and peat moss, by volume. If leaf mold is available, it may be used in place of peat moss. Or use Master Nurseryman's Professional Potting Soil sold at Sperbeck's

Camellias should be moist at all times, but caution should be taken against their being WET at all times. Water well and deeply, but only as often as your own local weather conditions demand. Too much water, too often, will cut off the air the roots must have.  For container grown Camellias, you will generally need to fill your containers once or twice a week in the summer, and in the winter, you should be able to stretch the period to approximately ten days. On very dry days, or when the temperature rises above 85, sprinkle the foliage and the mulch in the afternoon.

Fertilizing should start with the first signs of growth, even though the plant is still blooming. Caution should be taken never to overfeed. Cottonseed meal or Master Nurseryman's Camellia & Azalea Food for Camellias and other acid loving plants, should be used. Follow the directions as printed on the package. If the plant is dry, water well the day before feeding, never feed a dry plant. Feed every 6 or 8 weeks from April through September.

Camellias require very little care. Scale and mites are the most serious threat, as they extract the plant juices and interfere with the normal development of foliage and stem growth. Generally speaking, Camellias rarely need spraying, so consult your local nurseryman and make certain that spraying is necessary.

The whites and pale pinks will need more shade than the deeper colors. "Shade" is a very relative term; in climates where humidity is high, Camellias can stand more sun than than in climates that are hot and dry.

They will grow from 2 ft to 19 ft.

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