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Welcome to Sperbeck's Nursery

We began building our business in 1986 and opened the doors May 16th, 1987. Our mission for our business is a place where our guests and friends are welcomed and they will..... 

"Be aware of the blessings of the beauty of this world, of the joy of friendships shared and of the peace found only in Him"

....through the gardens and the landscapes of which we are blessed to help create.

We enjoy helping our customers at the nursery take home the right plant or garden accessory for the place in their garden.  We delight teaching customers how to be successful with their garden projects from planting, to properly caring for them and enjoying them as they add beauty and value to their homes for years to come.  We love designing or installing landscapes, now for two generations of clients.  We appreciate maintaining our landscapes to allow them to mature into the beauty for which they were created.

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Lilac varieties range from shrubs to trees. From 4-foot-tall bushy types to 20-foot-tall common lilacs to 30-foot trees, at maturity, you will find one for your garden. Taller varieties such as Common lilac (Syringa vulgaris) are sensational massed as a hedge. Plant them 10-feet apart on center; they'll fill out in about five years.

 Even without the flowers, lilacs would be worth planting as they're hardy and easy to grow. After blooming, lilacs fade into the background, providing a dense backdrop of heart-shaped leaves against which later blooming shrubs such as hydrangeas and roses, and taller perennials are strikingly silhouetted.

 Lilac bushes are not poisonous to animals and are not toxic to humans at all. In fact, the Colorado State University Extension's website says that lilac flowers are edible.

 What Lilacs Want

Lilacs aren't fussy, but they do need at least 6 hours of full sun. (If they lack enough light, lilacs will grow, but won't flower as well.)
Most lilacs will deal with average garden soil, but prefer fertile, humus-rich, fairly neutral, well-drained soil (add compost if your soil needs a boost).
[Image removed by sender.] Just a handful of balanced fertilizer (we use Master Nursery Rose & Flower Food) applied in late winter.
While they don't like wet feet, lilacs need steady moisture. Water if summer rains don't happen.
Lilacs are pretty much impervious to insects and most diseases, but they're also super attractive to pollinators, especially butterflies.​

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