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Proper placement alone is not enough.  Azaleas must have soil that is prepared carefully and thoroughly.  Don't expect good results from plants set in existing soil in most areas.  Roots of azaleas are very delicate and unable to penetrate heavy or rocky soil.  Because of the delicate roots of azaleas they are easily destroyed, excellent drainage is important.  
Azaleas only grow about a foot deep.  Azaleas must have an acid soil. Most of them thrive best at a soil ph between 5.0 and 5.5. 
Many azaleas have been killed by over watering in sites where drainage was faulty.  If the soil is moist but the plant still wilt, mist over the plant lightly to increase humidity.  This practice is especially important for newly planted evergreen species.  Avoid excessive irrigation in the fall.
Azaleas will grow naturally at relatively low nutrient levels.  Therefore, fertilization should be done carefully, or the fine, delicate roots close to the soil surface will be damaged.  A fertilizer made for azaleas is recommended.  Use Azalea and Camellia food (never feed a dry plant). Fertilizing should be done in May, but do not fertilize after July 1.  If the soil ph is above 5.5, apply iron sulfate or agricultural sulfur to the surface.
There are few insects or diseases that are troublesome on azaleas.  Those that normally occur can be easily controlled with an all-purpose fungicides and insecticides.  Prompt treatment as soon as the problem is noticed will be most effective.
Most azaleas are shallow rooted and need a heavy mulch to conserve moisture around the roots and to minimize winter injury.  If the leaves turn yellow in sections between the veins, but the veins remain green, iron deficiency is the the cause.  If the entire leaf turns yellow with some browning, other problems are suggested.  Chlorosis may result from soil that is not acid enough poor drainage, nematodes or other conditions that cause root or stem injury.
They will grow about 2 ft. to 6 ft.

We also carry the Encore Azaleas which blooms in the spring, summer and fall with little maintenance and big color.  Its dark foliage accentuates its beautiful semi-double flower.  Averages 4' high x 4.5' wide.
We have a very nice selection of Azaleas in stock.

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